“We chose Food Africa because Egypt is a crucial market for our companies. Italy and Egypt’s trade was worth about €4.6bn in 2016. Our exhibitors witnessed growth of visitors this year and our companies had a lot of good contacts”... FRANCESCO PANINI CAIRO OFFICE DIRECTOR - ITALIAN TRADE AGENCY, EGYPT
“It’s been great, we were happy to come to this event. We’ve met with very interesting leads and gotten a lot of people we would like to follow up with. We think we’ll get a lot of good business from here and will definitely be here for the next... MAY AGOHA ANYAEGBUNAM HEAD OF SALES AND MARKETING - REEL FRUIT, NIGERIA

On the Behalf of the Arab Beverages Association, I want to thank you and your team for

The efforts and the hard work you have put in to make the Conference succeeded.

Again, thank you so much, wishing you and your company all the success.

Chtoura -